DoubleCloud vSearch 3.3: Search, Access, Automate, and Analyze All Clouds

Next generation server product that leverages leading edge search and big data analytics to solve major pain points for VMware and public cloud customers: usability and scalability. It connects to ALL your vCenters, AWS, Azure, Docker, Openstack for their inventories and events in real-time, and empower users to search, access, analyze, visualize, report in "Google" way. (lastest update: vSearch 3.3 supports vSphere 6.5)

DoubleCloud's vSearch appliance's installation process was quick and simple. Within minutes our team had a Google-like web interface to search any inventory objects in our Production and Test & Dev vCenters. With the quick snappy response of vSearch and nicely laid out data that is provided, we are able to quickly remedy virtual machine issues. This is a must have if you are managing multiple vCenters.

Macky Ruiz, IT Manager, Springpath Inc.
Doublecloud's vSearch appliance is a lightweight yet powerful solution to search ALL your enterprise's vSphere inventories, events and alarms - at light speed! Quick and easy to deploy and configure, focused on functionality. Admins will love it!

Andreas Peetz, VMware vExpert and blogger at

Main Features

  • New in 3.3: Universal links to refine searches: query syntax is a past
  • New in 3.3: More tools and operations: duplicated IP checker, template deployment, VM DnD moving, host lockdown and maintenance mode automation, etc.
  • New in 3.2: Performance optimization: fast gets FASTER
  • New in 3.2: More Tools in visualizing and analyzing, i.e., VM snapshots report and single click removal
  • New in 3.1: Two factors authentication support
  • New in 3.1: Performance charting with single or multiple VMs on multiple metrics
  • New in 3.1: Powerful tools like datastore scanner for un-used storage, IP allocation table, etc.
  • New in 3.1: Enhanced search experience with query bookmark, search helpers
  • New in 3.0: Multi-cloud support with AWS, Azure, Containers, and Openstack
  • New in 3.0: HTML5 based SSH terminals to any VMs, hosts, instances: type once, run everywhere
  • New in 2.0: Manage single and a group of VMs with simple and fast HTML5 interface
  • New in 2.0: Asset management with VMs and hosts
  • New in 2.0: REST APIs with batch processing capabilities built in
  • Easy deployment and configuration with many vCenters
  • Real-time database sync up with all vCenter servers
  • “Google” vSphere inventories and events - simple and fast
  • One click integration with vSphere Web Client and VM Remote Console
  • Big data analysis with intuitive dashboards for operational insights
  • Large scale topology diagram picturing topology of VMware objects
  • Template based reporting with useful built-ins
  • Scalable coverage of tens of heterogeneous vCenters (all versions from 4.0 to 6.0) concurrently
  • Role based user management
  • LDAP and Active Directory integration
  • Automatic data archiving based customizable policy
  • Support for global time zones

Use Cases

  • vCenter consolidation for a single pane of glass
  • Manage virtual assets effectively across different private and public clouds
  • "Google" any virtual resources or events quickly and with ease
  • Monitoring system resources for capacity planning
  • Prevent issues before happening
  • Troubleshooting with event search and data visualization
  • Auditing the system for any security risks
  • Integration with automation, orchestration, portal systems

Key Benefits

  • Better efficiency and speed in daily operations
  • Higher productivities with information aggregated in a single pane of glass
  • Faster and easier troubleshooting
  • Improved infrastructure stability, agility, and security
  • Less load on vCenters and other management servers which can thus scale better

License and Support

The license is based on the total number of CPUs in all the physical hosts managed by all vCenters that are connected to vSearch regardless the number of vCenter servers. Production support plans are also available to meet customers' needs. Depending on the scale and usage patterns, we have site license options for enterprises. Please contact us for details.

We offer 35 day risk free evaluation as detailed in the download page.


Please visit Download Page for free download and details of 35 day risk free evaluation.