DoubleCloud REST API Server for vSphere

Complete REST API for VMware vSphere with full 6.5 support


This REST APIs server provides FULL coverage of vSphere features like vSphere APIs, and works across MANY vCenter/ESXi servers.


  • Complete Support for vSphere APIs
    The REST APIs provides all the same features as the SOAP based vSphere APIs. Each managed object in the vSphere APIs maps a resource in REST APIs. Not only can callers retrieve information, but also post actions to change the configuration, manage the infrastructure, montior performance, etc.
  • Unifying vCenter and ESXi servers
    The APIs server can connect to many vCenter and ESXi servers of different versions, and present a unified view of all the VMware infrastructure.
  • Secured by access and security key
    All the APIs are protected by access and security key, which can be easily configured for highest security.
  • Easy to learn and use
    An open source Swagger based GUI is included for documentation, and more importantly, live testing the APIs with simple Web GUI.
  • Open Source Clients and Samples of Multiple Languages
    While the REST APIs is very easy to use, we created open source client side scripts and programming languages for automation purpose. The open source project is hosted on Github with Java, PowerShell, python, and curl based shell script.


By clicking here, you will get the documentation of the REST APIs. It does not allow live testing. If you will download the free 30 evaluation, you will have the same documentation page which you can try out live.
For samples and tutorial, please check this open source project on GitHub:


A 30 day free evaluation is provided. To download it, please click here.

Licenses & Prices

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